Integral Bodywork is effective for those who have some experience with inner work and are suffering from inexplicable chronic pain, have unresolved trauma, and/or interested in transformative personal growth. Combining both supportive touch and verbal guidance, Integral Bodywork unblocks the emotional obstacles that disconnect people from relating more fully to others and themselves.

With a background in Somatic Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation, Intuitive Healing, and Clinical Deep-tissue Massage, I tailor sessions to move through the physical tension, emotional holding, to release the unique potential of each client.

The links to the right offer more information about me, Integral Bodywork, and how to schedule a session.  You may also contact me (below) to arrange a free phone consultation.  I operate out of my quiet home in Verona and am available for out-calls as well. May you be well and at ease.


Ross Buttner, NCTMB, MA
(650) 235-6858